CIJM organises its 18th Mathematical Fair in Paris

Submitted by Insmi on Fri, 05/05/2017 - 14:20

On May 27th to May 30th 2017, the CIJM (Comité International des Jeux Mathématiques - International Comittee for Mathematical Games) organises the 18th edition of its annual Fair "Salon Culture et jeux mathématiques" (Fair for Mathematical Culture and Games).

Founded in 1993, the CIJM aims to disseminate mathematics towards the general public. It consists of some 40 non-profit organizations promoting dissemination actions. And it offers a large international platform for exchanges about mathematical dissemination. More about the CIJM here.

This year's theme is: "Mathematics and languages", with lectures, shows, movies, challenges... More information about the programme of the Fair.

On booth #25, named "La recherche mathématique se prend au jeu", games and demos will be explained by researchers and actors of mathematical dissemination.  The booth is held by various institutions involved in mathematical research: the CNRS, together with Inria, the maths laboratories of Université Caen Normandie, Université Paris Diderot and Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris, Institut Henri Poincaré, IREM de Paris and the Maison des Mathématiques et de l’Informatique. On the 26th and 27th, mini-lectures and free discussions with researchers about their research topics are organised on the booth.

la recherche math se prend au jeuCIJM 2017