Yves Meyer on the Abel Week in Oslo

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Meyer, l'ambassadeur de France et le président de l'académie des sciences
Yves Meyer, the French ambassador and the president of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters

On May 22nd started the three days of celebration for Abel Laureate Yves Meyer in Oslo.

On the morning of the 22nd, Meyer was guest of honour at the Holmboe Prize award ceremony, a prize named after Abel's math teacher, which honors excellence in teaching mathematics. After a long interview, he met French high school students on a reception at the French Embassy.

Yves Meyer gave a short unconventional speech in which he apologized for the wrongs France had done to Abel on two occasions, namely the fact that as a consequence of the continental blocus during the Napolean wars, Abel, then a child, contracted tuberculosis, and the more well-known fact that Cauchy did not take into account the famous note that Abel had sent to the Academy of Sciences.

As tradition has it, Yves Meyer then placed a wreath at Gustav Vigeland's Abel Monument in the Palace Park in honour of Abel's genius. It marked the beginning of the official Abel celebration.

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Abel Fanfare
The Abel Fanfare
Abel monument
Abel Monument in the Palace Park
Placing a wreath at the foot of the monument
Placing a wreath at the foot of Abel's monument