South-East Asia

In the South-East Asia area, Insmi hosts 4 LIA and 1 GDRI (for definitions of LIA and GDRI, take a look at the CNRS International Cooperation tool-kit).

International associated laboratories

  • The Laboratoire International Formath Vietnam (LIAFV) aims at developing scientific collaboration between French and Vietnamese mathematicians and promoting mathematics amongst young Vietnamese. Special links have been created with the Master International de Mathématiques of Hanoi (MIM) and the master of the PUF (Ho Chi Minh Ville). Formath also aims at following up Vietnamese mathematicians who prepared their PhD in France. Contact: Lionel Schwartz.
  • The Laboratoire sino-français en mathématiques appliquées (LIASFMA) strives to develop exchanges between French and Chinese applied mathematicians, encourage joint PhDs, and organise summer schools or workshops in both countries. Contact: Jean-Michel Coron and Daqian Li.
  • The Laboratoire sino-français en mathématiques fondamentales (LSFMF) strives to develop long-term collaborations between French and Chinese mathematicians specialised in pure maths, joint PhDs, and summer schools or workshops in both countries. Contact: Marc Rosso and Zhang Yi.
  • The Laboratoire International Associé franco-japonais (ReaDiLaB) brings together French, Japanese, Korean and Taiwan mathematicians involved in research in interaction with biology. Contact: Danielle Hilhorts

International research networks