2018 Grands prix of the French Académie des Sciences

Submitted by Insmi on Sat, 07/14/2018 - 11:16

Congratulations to our colleagues who were awarded the 2018 Grands prix de l'académie des sciences !

Grand prix Ampère de l’électricité de France  was awarded to Frank Merle, Professor at Cergy-Pontoise University, Cergy-IHES Chair of Analysis, and a member of the "Analysis, geometry and modelization" (AGM) lab (a CNRS&Cergy-Pontoise University maths lab), for his work in PDEs and mathematical physics.

Prix Servant, a biennal prize in mathematics, was awarded to Dominique Bakry, Professor emeritus of Toulouse Paul Sabatier University and a member of the Institut de mathématiques de Toulouse (a CNRS,  Toulouse Capitole, Toulouse Jean Jaurès and Paul Sabatier Universities & INSA Toulouse maths lab).

Prix Sophie Germain / Institut de France was awarded to Isabelle Gallagher, Professor at Paris-Diderot University and a member of the Département de mathématiques et applications (a CNRS&Ecole normale supérieure de Paris maths lab) for her work in fundamental mathematics.

More information on  the Académie des Sciences website