The INSMI welcomes Catherine Matias among its scientific team

Submitted by Insmi on Mon, 01/01/2018 - 14:59
catherine matias
Catherine Matias

Catherine Matias joins the INSMI as of January 2018, as a Scientific Deputy Director in charge of the research units and research networks.

A senior researcher at the CNRS, she is a member of the Laboratoire de Probabilités, Statistique et Modélisation LPSM (a CNRS, Paris Diderot & Sorbonne Université maths lab). Born in 1974, she defended her PhD in statistics at Paris Sud Orsay University in 2001 and started her career at the CNRS in 2002.

Her research interests are:

  • Biological networks: statistical approaches for infering, analysing and studying networks and their evolution.
  • Comparative genomics: sequence evolution, alignment. Models of co-evolution and co-phylogeny. Hosts-parasites systems.
  • Multiple testing, semi-parametric modeling associated to this framework (V.H. Nguyen PhD thesis).
  • Statistics for random walk in random environment.
  • Multi-states semi-Markov models. Applications to modeling dependency of elderly people (G. Biessy PhD thesis).

Alongside her research, Catherine Matias was a member of the scientific board of several institutions. She took active part in the evaluation and accreditation agency of laboratories and higher education, and in recruitment selection boards. She also was associate editor for two journals.

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