PGMO Call for project 2019

Submitted by Insmi on Mon, 03/25/2019 - 10:44

pgmoGaspard Monge Program for Optimization, operations research and their interactions with data science (PGMO) was launched in 2012 by EDF and the Jacques Hadamard Mathematical Foundation (FMJH). Current partners are EDF (joined in 2012), Thales (joined in 2016) and Orange (joined in 2017).

It aims at fostering livening up a mathematical community of researchers coming from academia and industry, working in the field of optimization, operation research and data science, and working on academic themes and industrial issues. The objective is to support research projects through collaborative actions between academic researchers and industrial researchers, focused on solving industrial problems in the fields of energy and complex systems. These projects are encouraged to be a kick-off for a future partnership between academic and industrial researchers.

PGMO is organized in one scientific animation sub-program, one general research sub-program:

  • PRMO (Mathematical Optimization Research Projects)

and two specialized research sub-programs:

  • Optimization and Energy Research Initiative (IROE)
  • Research Initiative in Industrial Data Science (IRSDI).


Application deadline: May 13th

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