Popularisation and dissemination of Mathematics

Submitted by Insmi on Sat, 07/02/2016 - 18:20

The dissemination of mathematical culture is one of the missions of researchers and academics. The network for the dissemination of mathematics Autour de la Diffusion des Maths (AuDiMath - GDS 3745) gathers anyone involved in the dissemination of mathematics towards society and among young people, especially in primary and secondary school.

The website Images des Mathématiques (IdM) offers the general public an overview on mathematical research. This on-line journal proposes articles written by mathematicians; however, none of them is written for mathematicians, but for any reader interested in mathematics. 

large range of associations are working in France for outreach and the dissemination of mathematics:

Logo Animath

   Animath promotes mathematics among the young public in secondary schools by promoting worshops inside the secondary schools and by organisation a large rage of events and competitive proposals.

Logo Math en Jean

  Math en Jeans coordinates research workshops for young people in primary or secondary schools, allowing them to meet researchers and discover the scientific reasoning in connexion with the actuality of research.

Logo Culture Math

   Culture Math is a website which provides ressources for teachers in secondary schools.


Games and activities at the 17th Fair for mathematical culture and games
On the annual Fair for Mathematical Culture and Games, many games, activities and conferences entertain the general public. ©N. Lambert, CNRS Images.
Read more about the "Salon de la culture et des jeux mathématiques" (in French).