Hajer Bahouri is laureate of the Paul Doistau-Emile Blutet prize of the Académie des Sciences

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Hajer receives her prize
Hajer Bahouri at the Academy

Hajer Bahouri is directrice de recherche at CNRS and a member of the  Laboratoire d’Analyse et de Mathématiques Appliquées (CNRS, Université Paris Est Créteil et Marne-la-Vallée). She was awarded the 2016 Paul Doistau-Emile Blutet prize of the Académie des Sciences. She is a specialist of the analysis of partial differential equations, in particular of evolution equations coming from physics, such as the Navier Stokes equation of the fluid mechanics or the waves and the Schrödinger equations. Hajer Bahouri developed several techniques from harmonic analysis with a microlocal approach. Developed in the 70s, microlocal analysis relies on Fourier analysis and has allowed intense progress in the analysis of PDEs in the euclidean framework. In that context, one of the direction of Hajer Bahouri's work has been to develop this approach in the non commutative context of the Heisenberg group, the simplest Lie group.

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